How to setup Cisco IPsec VPN on Android 29Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101

Youku is blocked from being viewed outside china,Unblock Youku on Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101

You need watch Youku on Android 4 Ice-cream Sandwich with China VPN


sorry , its not the modules fault.. however if you are planning to develop around youku, be aware that it is impossible to view youku from outside of China. I had no idea about this untill it was too late, and now must replan a lot of different things. Just a heads up from within china.


This tutorial walks through the necessary steps on setting up a Android 4 ICS IPSec VPN Xauth PSK connection on Android's Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) devices. There is nothing to download, thanks to the built in Cisco IPsec VPN on on Android IcS.


From the Android's settings menu, under Wireless and Network go to More... -> VPN -> Add VPN network 


Select Add VPN Network.

Fill out the following settings under Edit VPN network:

  • Name: We'll call it "Vpntraffic Cisco IPsec VPN" in our example, but it can be anything to help you remember the VPN connection.
  • Type: Select "IPSec Xauth PSK" from the dropdown menu.
  • Server address:  ( not all server support l2tp/ipsec)
  • IPsec identifer: ipsec
  • IPSec pre-shared key :  ipsec
  • Tick the checkbox for Advanced options
  • DNS servers: You can set this to use Google's DNS which is:
  • Tap Save when finished


You should see your newly created connection listed under "VPN". Tap the connection name, and you will be prompted for your username and password. 

You should be back at the main "VPN" screen, and once the connection is successful you'll see a status of "Connected" under your connection name. The the connection name once conncted and you'll be able to see more details about your VPN connection status.


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